Jeffrie's Story

Jeffrie was born out of necessity:

All day I work and come home to my packages damaged, stolen or waiting for pick-up at places all over the city.

This was me not so long ago.  As an Intelligence Officer in the Navy, I shopped online frequently because of convenience. Because of my busy schedule and long hours, I was hardly ever home to actually receive my deliveries.  Instead, I would come home to my packages damaged by the rain, missing from being stolen right off my doorstep or the most frustrating…wasted time driving 45 mins out of my way to pick up a package from the local UPS or FEDEX depot.

My first step was to the Internet.  I scoured online, looking for a solution that would fit my needs.  First, I discovered that I was not the only person with this problem.  I read online that every year, over 120 million packages are undelivered or have to be replaced.

My priorities when looking for a secure package delivery solution were the following:

Something that required no permanent installation on my door.  I didn’t want to install some eye-sore on my porch!  I wanted a solution that was aesthetically pleasing.

The solution needed to be insulated.  I had always wanted to have my groceries delivered or subscribe to a meal-kit service, but didn’t feel comfortable knowing that my fresh foods would be left out all day.

Lastly, I needed a easy solution.  I was really busy, so any type of automated solution with in-app reminders to my phone was a must.

As an Officer in the Navy, service and acts of contribution were two key principles I lived by which inspired me to start the company LiLoE Labs to build Jeffrie. LiLoE is an abbreviation for the company ethos:

LiLoE Labs is a home automation company that make products to help people Live and Love and Earn the wants that are most important to them.

I have been really fortunate to meet the most helpful, patient and hardworking people to make Jeffrie a reality. Our team has over 140 years of combined experience in logistics, hardware development, industrial design and mobile app development and have worked at amazing places such as Amazon Fresh, Navy, Booz Allen, Universal Postal Union, Fedex, DHL, UPS, Hax, RX.




Funny Story

Do you know how Jeffrie got his name? We named Jeffrie in a brainstorming session the morning after a late night binge session of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Jeffrie, Jeffrey or Geoffrey...depending on your accent, was the hilarious butler on the show. Although wickedly cynical and famous for his one liners, he was always there for the family when they need him.

We thought...who wouldn’t want a Geoffrey?  Your own personal butler or doorman.  That’s how we came up with Jeffrie, The Modern Doorman!



Ashley Adewuyi, CEO and Founder

Ashley's homemade video of Jeffrie: