Developed in partnership with FedEx, Jeffrie is a portable delivery system to track and secure your deliveries from anywhere.


Smart and Resistant

Find out how to make life easier and better with Jeffrie.


Track & Secure Deliveries.
From Anywhere.

Our patent-pending unique design combined with our Package Tracker App sends delivery status updates so if you are not home, your packages will be safe and secure left at your doorstep.

 Track & Secure Deliveries. From Anywhere.

App Features

More than just a package tracking app, with the Jeffrie Package Tracker app (insert link) you can track shipments from over 50 couriers worldwide, receive simple status updates and a reminder to hang Jeffrie the day of package delivery

  Integrated with +40 Worldwide Carriers

Integrated with +40
Worldwide Carriers

Push/Pull Package
Tracking Notifications

Sent Automatically to

Reminder to
Hang Jeffrie on Day of Delivery



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